Faculty of Archaeology is a distinctive educational foundation with its graduates, its scientific research, and its educational programs that implement the global standards of the quality, and compete for its counterparts from other faculties of archaeology locally and regionally, and aims to be one of the pioneer faculties in the archaeology field.
The faculty seeks to graduate an expert has modern educational programs in the archaeology field or its restoration; to keep up with its global counterparts ; also has capable of setting creative scientific research and effective participation for serving environment and maintaining our heritage our nation.
Preparation of a distinctive graduate trained on the modern trends and techniques in the archaeological programs and sciences, and has the ability to deal with the modern means of technology and communication in archaeology


January 9, 2022 / news

Aswan University President Inspects 1st Semester Examination Halls, 2021/2022

 Today Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, Aswan university president, inspected 1st semester examination halls 2021-2022. The exams were launched today in accordance with…
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December 23, 2021 / news

Delegation of Aswan University Participates in Forum of National Anti-Corruption Strategic Plan in Leadership Institute, Helwan

Dr. Karim Hammam, director of the Leadership Institute, and under the supervision of Dr. Hossam El Din Mustafa and Dr….
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December 21, 2021 / news

Aswan University Organizes a Memorial for the Late Mr. Khaled Seyam, Faculty of Arts Secretary

  Aswan University employees’ syndicate committee held a memorial for the late Mr.  Khaled Seyam, faculty of arts former secretary-general,….
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