IT Electronic Services Unit
Technology Services Unit (IT) of the Faculty of Archaeology is established in January 2018 and work start since this time ,the unit aims to present distinctive services in the field of technological information of the faculty :

Goals of the Unit
1-Raise the efficiency of the infrastructure and updating it in the faculty.

2-Raise the efficiency and improving the Internal Information net in the faculty.


3-Increasing the efficiency of using the digital library as well as Egyptian Knowledge Bank.


4-Using the official site of the faculty to communicate with all interested sides.


5-Activating electronic controls system by applying the project of Administrative Information Systems.


6-Controlling the position of using operation systems ,software, and protect devices anti viruses.


7-Working developing the educational program by providing the interaction between students and academic staff.

8-Using the official electronic site of the university to raise the efficiency of the administrative deals also communication with students.