First: Sports activity

It aims at the well building of the human body   

  • Team sports:

(Football- volleyball- handball- basketball)

  • Individual sports:

(Table tennis- ground tennis- wrestling – swimming- athletics- boxing – Body lifting – Karate – Judo – Kung Fu)

Second: Social activity

This activity aims at developing social relations among students and between the students and the faculty members and employees, strengthening the bonds of friendship between the faculty members in three main departments (trips and camps – social services – student activities).

Social Activity fields:

  • Students’ trips – Environmental pollution control project.
  • The project of anti- addiction – formation of the Red Crescent team.
  • Social research at the faculty and the university levels – first aid project.
  • Ideal student competition – the annual charity market.
  • Blood Donation Project – Social Solidarity Fund.


Third: public scouting Activity:

This activity is one of the activities that help developing youth in all aspects; mental, physical, social as well as the acquisition of some technical, scout, cultural and sports skills.

Fourth: Artistic Activity:

This activity aims at developing the creative capacities of the students by making use of the visual, physical and audio talents to advertise through the emotions and thoughts that are related to the daily living conditions of the human being for developing talents through music with all its instruments, sewing, popular arts, histrionics, individual and group singing through the choir and plastic arts with all its fields.

Fifth: Cultural activity

  • This activity aims at promoting the thought and culture of the students, developing talents in the cultural, literary, scientific and religious fields and linking youth to the issues of their society through:
  • Literature Club – Holy Qur’an memorization competition
  • Publication of an annual literary magazine – the competition of wall magazines and investigative reporter.
  • Seminars and poetry reading nights- hosting senior intellectuals, politicians and clerics.

Sixth:  students groups activity

The activity aims at involving the largest number of the students in the activities through the Faculty Student Groups, the activities and programs implemented by the faculty administration in order to improve the students skills, promote the cooperation among them, increasing their sense of belonging to their community and enhance relationship between the students and the faculty staff members through:

– Cultural competitions – Environmental service projects

– Social competitions

 – Artistic and cultural competitions

– Chess competitions

 – Sports activities

– Know Your Country Program

Seventh: training youth leaders and supporting excellent students:

This activity aims at organizing leaders training camps, student seminars in the various activities and a ceremony to honor the excellent students (Excellence Day at the university level) and implementing the Free Treatment Project for the excellent students.