Aswan University President Inspects 1st Semester Examination Halls, 2021/2022

 Today Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, Aswan university president, inspected 1st semester examination halls 2021-2022. The exams were launched today in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities; about 24 thousand students in different academic levels took exams. The tour included faculties of science and agriculture and natural resources.

  For his part, His Excellency affirmed that the university prepared for the first semester exams with many procedures applied in the various faculties; including preparing halls to accommodate the number of students to apply safe social distancing, providing medical and nursing staff in all faculties, providing ambulances,  applying all precautionary measures as providing thermometers,  sterilization gates at the university and faculties entrances,  forming a university higher committee  to follow up the implementation of these measures.

  His Excellency added that all means of facilitation and comfort are provided to complete first semester exams in a good manner, wishing success to all students. He was accompanied by dean of the faculty of agriculture Dr. Yasser Abd Al Hameed, faculty vice deans, dean of science faculty Dr. Atef Ibrahim, faculty vice deans,  and the student Islam Yousef, student union affairs coordinator.

Delegation of Aswan University Participates in Forum of National Anti-Corruption Strategic Plan in Leadership Institute, Helwan

Dr. Karim Hammam, director of the Leadership Institute, and under the supervision of Dr. Hossam El Din Mustafa and Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Jilani, institute’s vice deans, a delegation from Aswan University Leadership Institute joined the Forum of National Anti-Corruption Strategic Plan to eliminate its different forms and multiple problems through raising awareness on removing the sources of corruption in educational and research institutions. The program also includes a number of other different activities.

Aswan university delegation includes Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Sadiq Mohamed, Dr. Ayman Abdel Ghaffar, Dr. Mohamed Abul-Layl, Dr. Khaled Abul-Fadl and Dr. Ahmed Moussa.

The forum introduced a number of scientific lectures such as, governance and combating corruption, Egyptian national security, administrative sciences and information technologies to combat corruption, in order to raise awareness of the dangers of corruption and how to eliminate its sources.

Aswan University Organizes a Memorial for the Late Mr. Khaled Seyam, Faculty of Arts Secretary

  Aswan University employees’ syndicate committee held a memorial for the late Mr.  Khaled Seyam, faculty of arts former secretary-general,. The event was witnessed by Aswan university president Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman in the presence of a group of faculties deans, vice dean of the faculty of arts, academic staff and their assistants, faculty employees, members of the workers syndicate, His Eminence Sheikh  Muhammad Abdel Aziz, former undersecretary of the ministry of endowments, Sheikh  Saudy Mansour, ministry of endowment scholar, several university leaders as well as the family of the deceased of Aswan University and the son of the village of West Aswan.

   Memorial activities began with verses from the Holy Qur’an, then speeches introduced by the attendees. Prof. Ayman Othman emphasized on strengthening good relations between Aswan university employees.  Mr. Mahmoud Khair Allah, head of Aswan university’s workers syndicate said that the syndicate lost an active member in community, charitable and administrative work, the deceased was always at the service of his fellow syndicate members and all university employees.

   Mr. Mahmoud Sanusi, general director of Aswan university’s human resources and syndicate’s vice president, pointed at the good relationship of the late/ Khaled Seyam with all his colleagues and that he will remain immortal in the hearts of all, he offered his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased.

  Mr. Khaled Asran, assistant secretary general of Aswan university, explained that the memorial events introduced his personal and practical biography through a documentary about his career as well as speeches of his colleagues, praying to Allah Almighty to bless him with his mercy and to give his family and relatives patience and solace. At the conclusion, his family was honored as a recognition of his dedication to work.

Activities of Sports is National Security under Slogan “Preserve your right, Play your Role, Say No to Corruption”

Today Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, Aswan university president, witnessed the activities of the presidential initiative “Sports is National Security” in the presence of Dr. Adel Mekki, dean of the faculty of physical education, Dr. Abdel Hakim Rizk, vice dean of the faculty of physical education in Assiut university, Dr. Abdel Rahman Abdel Basset, former dean of the faculty of physical education, and a group of leaders of the sports community. The initiative is part of implementing the initiative of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi “Sports is a National Security.” Faculty of Physical Education implements the event under the auspices of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, minister of higher education and scientific research, Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, Dr. Mohamed Sobhi Hassanein, undersecretary of the minister of Universities Sports Federation, Dr. Taye, advisor to the minister for student activities, and Dr. Hisham El-Gyoushi, secretary of Universities Sports Federation.

Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman emphasized on the importance of sports for students in the celebrations of the International Anti-Corruption Day and the celebration of the International Day of People with Special Needs, as part of the initiative launched by His Excellency President of the Republic “Sports is a National Security”.

 This came in light of the celebration of International Day in the field of eliminate the sources of and spreading community awareness through the Applied Sports Festival to celebrate this occasion in light of societal awareness of our students, employees, academic staff and their assistants under the slogan “Keep your right – Play your Role.” – Say No to Corruption”, which was held under the supervision of Dr. Adel Makki, Dr. Hazem Abdallah Al-Jamal and Dean of the Faculty of Al-Alsun

         Dr. Adel Makki added that these events are under the slogan “Preserve your right – play your role – say no to corruption” to educate students and society about the dangers of corruption that eliminate institutions. The event includes participation of outstanding disabled students where they were honored.

Faculty of Archaeology Students Decorate 2 Murals on Airport Entrance, Sahary Road

Under the patronage of His Excellency Prof. Ayman Othman, president of Aswan university, and as a part of the cooperation protocol signed between Aswan governorate and Aswan university represented in Prof. Ahmed Farman, assistant professor of Egyptology in the faculty of archaeology, and in his capacity as advisor to Aswan governor, and under the supervision of Prof. Radwan Abdel Radi, vice dean of community service and environmental development and the acting dean of the faculty, and Prof. Ayman Salah Taha, acting chairman of restoration department, the academic staff and students of archeological restoration have raised the efficiency of the murals located at the entrance to Aswan airport in Sahary region. The following demonstrators took part in the event:

Masoud Abdel Hamid Al-Makawi, restoration department

Hassan Shaaban Hassan, restoration department

Ahmed Ezz El-Din Mohamed, Islamic archaeology department

Aswan University in Cooperation with Al Azhar Al Sharif & National Council for Women Hold Symposium on “Domestic Violence and its Results on Society”

As a continuation of the awareness campaign’s activities of the global initiative “16th Days of Confronting Violence against Women”,  Aswan university held a symposium under the title “Domestic Violence and its Results on Society

  The university organized an educational symposium under the auspices of Aswan governor Maj. Gen. Ashraf Attya and Aswan university president Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman in the presence of the previous vice president of community service and environmental affairs Prof. Magdy Mohammed AliDr. Huda Moustafa, professor in science faculty and the rapporteur of National Council for Women in Aswan, Dr. Osama Al-Hadidi, executive director of Al-Azhar Fatwa Global Center, Dr. Reda Mahmoud, director of scientific and academic support directorate, a selected group of scholars from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and its Family Reunification Unit in Al-Azhar, and Ms. Nourhan Zeinhom, representative of complaints office in the National Council for Women.

  Aswan university president stressed on the importance of spreading the culture right Egyptian family among university students, as they represent future wives and husbands, which will return back on the family members and society by benefit.  The symposium was held in cooperation between Al Azhar Al Sharif headed by the grand Imam Dr. Ahmed El-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and Dr. Maya Morsi, head of the National Council for Women and the Egyptian Family Reunification Unit as a part of the initiative led by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi from (13 to 16 December 2021.

  Prof. Magdy Mohamed Ali, advisor of Aswan university president, added that educating families and citizens about positive values of preserving the entity of Aswan family has become a necessity under the leadership of the President of the Republic in light of the real gains witnessed by women in order to raise their status in society as an essential partner in various aspects of life. He welcomed the attendees and thanked the political leadership for their confidence regarding appointing him as President of Aswan University.

  Dr. Hoda Mostafa pointed at the importance of this campaign, which will be implemented in (5) villages included in the “Dignified Life” initiative, where sessions will be organized aimed at educating about (700) married or prospective families.

  Dr. Osama Al-Hadidi stressed on the importance of raising awareness of time among male and female students and investing this time in positive, not negative, factors by modifying behavior from violence and harm to affection and love between family members and the community. The Complaints Office received (71,000) family problems in front of courts. (68,000) problems were dealt with by Family Reunification Unit which succeeded in solving them.

  Osama Al-Hadidi pointed out that since the launch of the International Center for Fatwa in (October 2018), family problems have been monitored through a scientific committee for study and analysis and reaching quick and beneficial solutions.

Memorandum of Understanding between Ministry of Higher Education & Microsoft for Providing Training Courses

Under the patronage of Prof. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, minister of higher education and scientific research, under the supervision of Prof. Muhammad Mustafa Latif, secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities, and as a part of activating the memorandum of understanding between the ministry of higher education and scientific research and Microsoft International Corporation, Microsoft will provide training programs on modern technical solutions for academic staff  and university  students.

   The Egyptian universities network, in the Electronic and Knowledge Services Center of the Supreme Council of Universities, coordinated with Microsoft to provide various training programs and resources, some of which include internationally approved tests to obtain certificates approved by Microsoft on modern technical solutions, for academic staff, their assistants, and students of Egyptian public universities, without additional fees.

  Accordingly, a series of introductory seminars have been held remotely through Microsoft Teams platform. A Learning Hub application has been provided through the Microsoft Teams platform available to Egyptian universities’ academic staff and students, which facilitates access to these training resources and helps to effectively govern and manage training. Experts from Microsoft delivered the training and answered questions addressed from attendees.

First Event on Circular Smart Cities in Aswan University

Under the patronage of Aswan university president Prof. Ayman Othman, the 1st event for smart cities will be held under the title” Future Topia” in which ideas and projects will be handled. The vent is held in the faculty of engineering on 15th Dec. 2021 in addition to more information on “Nile Venture Lab Incubation Aswan University” which is the 1st technological incubation in Aswan university. There is a financial aid reaches 200,000 EGP which is the largest one in Aswan.

  On the other hand, upcoming programs will be clarified, as well as the circular economy and smart cities, in addition to the activities that will be held for which there is still an opportunity to apply. The applicant must be one of the successful entrepreneurs. For anyone who wants to introduce an idea or to be an entrepreneur or a leader, there are (NVL Green Day) lectures, in which (Nile Venture Lab) and the services that are provided this year will be introduced. It incubates ideas and projects in the field of green and clean energy technology on which the circular economy and building smart technology-based future cities are based.

Ministry of Finance Agrees on Accreditation of Public Service Center for Linguistics and Translation in the Faculty of Al-Alsun

As a part of Aswan University’s interest towards achieving the greatest benefit from the university’s human and administrative cadres of the academic staff, their assistants, employees and students, the ministry of finance has agreed to approve on the financial regulation of Public Service Center for Linguistics and Translation in the Faculty of Al-Alsun Aswan University.

  Dr. Hazem Abdullah Al-Jamal, dean of the faculty of Al-Alsun, added that the Public Service Center for Linguistics and Translation is a new addition to the specialized centers at the university in terms of qualifying employees and training. The center will provide many training courses for all employees in government institutions to improve the work system based on the digital transformation followed by the state’s strategy.

Opening of Diabetic Foot Room, Urology and Neurosurgery Departments

 Today corresponding to 7th Dec. 2021, diabetic foot room, diagnostics and teletherapy unit, urology and neurosurgery departments were inaugurated as a part of the  presidential initiative under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, ambassador. Nabila Makram Abdel Shaheed, minister of state for immigration, Maj. Gen. Ashraf Attya, Aswan governor, Prof.  Ashraf Mebead, executive manger of Aswan university hospitals Dr. Essam Abul-Magd, manager of surgery hospital and vice deans of the faculty of medicine Prof. Mohamed Mostafa, vice dean of graduate studies, Prof. Mustafa Adam Al-Tairy, vice dean of education and student’s affairs, in the presence of Mr. Mostafa Zamzam, chairman of the board of trustees of the Sonaa El Khair Foundation for Development.

  Prof. Ayman Othman, Aswan University president, said that the opening of the first room of its kind to provide treatment and awareness services for diabetic foot patients in Upper Egypt is to ease burdens on Aswan patients and the patients in Upper Egypt and protect them from amputation. It is part of “Healthy Foot” initiative launched recently by the Sonaa El Kheir Foundation for development under the patronage of the Prime Minister and the supervision of the ministry of social solidarity, and to implement the cooperation protocol between Sonaa Al Kheir Foundation and the Supreme Council of University Hospitals.

  Prof. Mohamed Zaki El-Dahshoury, dean of the faculty of medicine, declared that this room is the first of its kind in Upper Egypt, it was equipped by Sonaa Al Kheir Foundation under the the presidential initiative’s slogan inside Aswan University Hospital. It aims at treating diabetic foot patients free of charge in Upper Egypt and providing care and awareness. It is part of providing new and distinguished medical services to them.

  Dr. Ashraf Maabad, executive manager of Aswan university hospitals, explained that the program also includes opening of a tele-checkup room in cooperation with the hospitals of the ministry of health to exchange medical expertise about the cases to reach the most appropriate diagnosis in various medical specialties. Urology department was also inaugurated after being developed and equipped by (22) beds, neurosurgery department was also opened with (10) intensive care beds and (12) beds for patients. The medical convoy with different specialties to the village of Al-Madiq in Nasr Al-Nuba will also be launched. It will check- up patients free of charge and make the necessary analyzes and x-rays. The complicated cases will be transferred to University Hospital for having the necessary surgeries.

  Dr. Essam Abul-Majd said that new medical departments have been opened at the University Hospital, which will make a major breakthrough to receive more cases and reduce waiting lists.

  For his part, Mr. Mostafa Zamzam confirmed that Healthy Foot Room initiative at Aswan University, which is inaugurated today in cooperation with vascular surgery department will provide all aspects of health care for diabetic foot patients who are unable to have preventive treatment from amputation and will provide free wound management and monthly treatment as well as launching awareness programs on ways of preventing diabetic foot infection and how to protect against foot amputation in addition to  how to optimally deal with diabetic foot wounds.

  At the end of the visit, Maj. Gen. Ashraf Attia granted the minister Governorate Shield while Prof. Ayman Othman granted him University Shield as an appreciation and gratitude for his support of Aswan health system. In the same context, Prof. Ayman Othman granted University Sheild to Mr. Mustafa Zamzam for the good cooperation.