Dr. Karim Hammam, director of the Leadership Institute, and under the supervision of Dr. Hossam El Din Mustafa and Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Jilani, institute’s vice deans, a delegation from Aswan University Leadership Institute joined the Forum of National Anti-Corruption Strategic Plan to eliminate its different forms and multiple problems through raising awareness on removing the sources of corruption in educational and research institutions. The program also includes a number of other different activities.

Aswan university delegation includes Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Sadiq Mohamed, Dr. Ayman Abdel Ghaffar, Dr. Mohamed Abul-Layl, Dr. Khaled Abul-Fadl and Dr. Ahmed Moussa.

The forum introduced a number of scientific lectures such as, governance and combating corruption, Egyptian national security, administrative sciences and information technologies to combat corruption, in order to raise awareness of the dangers of corruption and how to eliminate its sources.

Heba Hassan