Today Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, Aswan university president, inspected 1st semester examination halls 2021-2022. The exams were launched today in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities; about 24 thousand students in different academic levels took exams. The tour included faculties of science and agriculture and natural resources.

  For his part, His Excellency affirmed that the university prepared for the first semester exams with many procedures applied in the various faculties; including preparing halls to accommodate the number of students to apply safe social distancing, providing medical and nursing staff in all faculties, providing ambulances,  applying all precautionary measures as providing thermometers,  sterilization gates at the university and faculties entrances,  forming a university higher committee  to follow up the implementation of these measures.

  His Excellency added that all means of facilitation and comfort are provided to complete first semester exams in a good manner, wishing success to all students. He was accompanied by dean of the faculty of agriculture Dr. Yasser Abd Al Hameed, faculty vice deans, dean of science faculty Dr. Atef Ibrahim, faculty vice deans,  and the student Islam Yousef, student union affairs coordinator.

Heba Hassan