Under the patronage of His Excellency Prof. Ayman Othman, president of Aswan university, and as a part of the cooperation protocol signed between Aswan governorate and Aswan university represented in Prof. Ahmed Farman, assistant professor of Egyptology in the faculty of archaeology, and in his capacity as advisor to Aswan governor, and under the supervision of Prof. Radwan Abdel Radi, vice dean of community service and environmental development and the acting dean of the faculty, and Prof. Ayman Salah Taha, acting chairman of restoration department, the academic staff and students of archeological restoration have raised the efficiency of the murals located at the entrance to Aswan airport in Sahary region. The following demonstrators took part in the event:

Masoud Abdel Hamid Al-Makawi, restoration department

Hassan Shaaban Hassan, restoration department

Ahmed Ezz El-Din Mohamed, Islamic archaeology department

Heba Hassan