The students’ affairs office of the Faculty of Archaeology in New Aswan still receives the files of the new students after the signature of the medical examination which is its date 1/9/2018, and the students have to bring the required files for the enrollment in the faculty :

1-The original successful certificate of the high school.

2- The original birth certificate + 2 photos.

3- 8 personal photos 4×6.

4-2 copies of the identity.

5- Form 2 of recruitment – the new birth certificate in which the exemption from military for male or form 6 recruitment.

6-The faculty nomination card.

7-The sports superiority certificate –if it’s existed.

8- Plastic file with a snap fastener.

9-The required fees which are 234.25+20 L.E educational stamps+20 L.E medical stamps +2 L.E stamps students activities.